The Case for a Truly Discrete Labor Standard

In a recent DCVelocity article titled “5 ways to cut DC costs”, five options for reducing costs in a distribution operation were discussed. While all were great options for any decision maker to consider, there is a sixth option that I believe stands out from the rest. The cost of labor in most distribution centers today constitutes 65% or more of the total operating costs associated with...

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Operational Savings Through Sustainability

We often think that sustainability means placing a couple of recycling bins in our break rooms and including anecdotes in our email signatures that urge people to consider the environment before printing messages. While those things help to divert waste from our landfills and increase awareness about the use of resources, true sustainability in the manufacturing and distribution industry...

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Is your outbound dock setup a bottleneck for your entire distribution operation?

Although there are many variables that influence the overall throughput of a distribution operation, one that seems to get overlooked often is the setup of the outbound dock.  Whether it’s a staffing imbalance or as simple as the method order selectors use (or don’t use) to stage their pallets, the outbound dock can have a negative effect on your overall operation if not managed...

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