Adding a “Complete/Send & New” button to Activities in CRM 2011/2013 (Part 1 of 2)

If you have ever had to send multiple emails/faxes to the same person or create follow-up tasks for completed phone calls/tasks, you may have wondered why CRM doesn’t come with a button for “Complete & New.” Just like the “Save & New” button that comes OOTB on every entity except it would call the send/complete operation after the Save and then create a new entity. If this is a common...

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6 Steps Closer to Self-Documenting Client Side Code

Anyone who writes code thinks that it is self-documenting.  I’ve heard many developers (including myself) say “Just read it, it’s obvious.”  Well, that can be true when you are in the thick of a project, and the business requirements driving the need for the code are fresh in your mind.  Unfortunately, we are all very busy, trying our best to make changes as fast and efficiently as we can, so...

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CRM for Ports and Harbor Management

As the world’s economy increasingly globalizes, seaports must improve their operational efficiency. A properly implemented and tailored CRM solution can address this issue, and help improve many areas of a seaport’s business operations. We are currently implementing an enterprise-wide CRM solution at one of the United States’ largest seaports. The goal of this implementation is to improve...

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Using Dynamics CRM for Labor Relations Management

We recently helped Crowley Maritime launch a new Dynamics CRM application for its labor relations department.  This was a nontraditional CRM scenario, as the labor relations department does not contain sales, marketing, or customer service processes.  However, Crowley’s needs were well suited to CRM, as these needs included a) an organized, shared information store, b) the ability to...

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Implementing Tooltips for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

Tooltips can be used in any application to provide powerful, business-specific information to your users regarding the purpose of, or data contained within, the fields on your forms. CRM is no exception. The out-of-the-box (OOTB) entities and fields in CRM 2011 do provide some basic information in tooltip form.  However, for custom entities, the tooltips are basically useless if your usage of...

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Microsoft Releases Update Rollup 14 for Dynamics CRM 2011

Microsoft has released Rollup 14 for Dynamics CRM 2011. While this latest release doesn’t offer any new functionality, it does fix a multitude of issues, including many associated with the Outlook client. Download and Install Rollup 14 The rollup is now available for download, click here to download it now. You can also listen to a podcast describing Update Rollup 14 from Microsoft...

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How To Fully Utilize Your CRM Data Within The Cloud

“The Cloud” is one of the most talked about buzzwords in the IT Industry, and while most CRM vendors are addressing this trend with a mobile application of some sort, these applications usually don’t include any complex data entry or reporting visualizations. Here’s a look at how to quickly and safely expose your data from the cloud using Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and...

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A Straight-Forward Approach for IFD Configuration in MS Dynamics CRM 2011 (Part 2)

Once you have confirmed that the internal URL works and authenticates properly using Claims-Based Authentication (See Part 1 of this series), then it is time to begin the actual IFD setup. In order to ensure that the server’s authenticate properly, the following SPN’s need to be added.  The values in {} need to be replaced with appropriate values for the particular environment.…

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A Lesson in Bulk Deletes and Selectively Restoring Data in Dynamics CRM

We developed a Dynamics CRM Solution for an enterprise-size client that leverages E-mails, Cases, and Queues in the Service Module.  The client has users and customers worldwide.  A user accidentally ran a bulk delete job and deleted over 62,000 Email Activities from the CRM database.  This is not an action that users typically have permissions to run, but this user was mistakenly assigned the...

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