A Straight-Forward Approach for IFD Configuration in MS Dynamics CRM 2011

So, there is no easy solution to setting up IFD for CRM 2011.  However, if you have CRM and ADFS running on separate servers including an ADFS Proxy, then the steps outlined below should provide a straight-forward process toward setting up IFD on your CRM Instance. To get started, the following items must be done: ADFS 2.0 installed and configured on Windows Server 2008/2008R2. …

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Implementing Tooltips for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

Tooltips can be used in any application to provide powerful, business-specific information to your users regarding the purpose of, or data contained within, the fields on your forms. CRM is no exception. The out-of-the-box (OOTB) entities and fields in CRM 2011 do provide some basic information in tooltip form.  However, for custom entities, the tooltips are basically useless if your usage of...

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Create a Staging Area for Dynamics CRM Online Using Custom Forms

The same ability that lets you create custom forms in MS Dynamics CRM Online can also help you create a staging area for development or testing (since the concept of a DEV or TEST environment , other than local VMs or downloading a trial version, doesn’t currently exist.) In this example, the customer in question uses one main form throughout the organization.…

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A Straight-Forward Approach for IFD Configuration in MS Dynamics CRM 2011 (Part 2)

Once you have confirmed that the internal URL works and authenticates properly using Claims-Based Authentication (See Part 1 of this series), then it is time to begin the actual IFD setup. In order to ensure that the server’s authenticate properly, the following SPN’s need to be added.  The values in {} need to be replaced with appropriate values for the particular environment.…

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5 Ways To Improve Microsoft Dynamics CRM Performance

I had the recent pleasure of helping a client work through some very impactful performance issues with their on-premise CRM installation. These issues, which included SQL timeouts, excessive bandwidth consumption, outlook crashes and general slow performance, were causing poor user acceptance, lowered productivity, and negative impact on other business critical applications.…

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How to Use the Dynamics CRM Ribbon Workbench to Customize Button Behavior

A client recently asked if we could disallow all users the ability to deactivate records. Why? Well, since there is no cascading deactivation for related detailed records, only parent records were being deactivated, yet the manager’s reports still contained information on the related detailed records. This led to reports with inflated forecast numbers and confusion, since users insisted...

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CRM 2011 Logging to Event Viewer Application

Recently, one of our clients decided to move their CRM installation to an internal server. Their team had been using CRM Online, but the reporting limitations (fetchxml) and a few other problems became high priority issues, and so inside the network we went. Our client’s IT department already had some CRM servers that they used for other teams, so we restored the backup into the...

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