Using Dynamics CRM for Labor Relations Management

We recently helped Crowley Maritime launch a new Dynamics CRM application for its labor relations department.  This was a nontraditional CRM scenario, as the labor relations department does not contain sales, marketing, or customer service processes.  However, Crowley’s needs were well suited to CRM, as these needs included a) an organized, shared information store, b) the ability to...

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How to Secure Your Data with Dynamics CRM

In this day and age, enterprises have mountains of data lying around (in data warehouses, data marts, and plain old legacy LOB systems), and securing that data is a key concern. This can involve giving people access to a database or api and letting them query away, but it can also involve allowing end users to see only the slices of data for which they naturally have access.…

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Marketing Automation within Dynamics CRM: Highlights of the August 2013 Dynamics CRM Seattle User Group Meeting

This past Wednesday, the CRMUG PacNW (Seattle) Regional Chapter held their bi-monthly meeting at the Microsoft Advanta office in Bellevue, WA. The focus of the meeting was marketing automation within Dynamics CRM, and Dynamics users from several large Pacific Northwest organizations turned out to discuss best practices and future trends in marketing and sales management within Dynamics...

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The Best Way To Assign Record Ownership In Dynamics CRM (Part 2, Team Ownership)

In my last post, I reviewed the pros and cons of the System User Ownership model. Now we’ll review a second approach, Team Ownership. Approach 2: Teams The easiest way to think of Dynamics CRM Team Ownership is to look at how the Windows operating system uses security groups. In the Windows platform, a permitted user can create a security group that can be given permissions to files...

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A Review of Polaris Features in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

After working with Polaris in Update Rollup 12 and Update Rollup 13, I wanted to post a quick review of some of the latest Polaris benefits, updates, and features. New Process Forms Changes Javascript is not supported (any detected Javascript will cause the form to revert to the classic client.) Adding child records in the left navigation pane is not allowed.…

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