A Straight-Forward Approach for IFD Configuration in MS Dynamics CRM 2011 (Part 2)

Once you have confirmed that the internal URL works and authenticates properly using Claims-Based Authentication (See Part 1 of this series), then it is time to begin the actual IFD setup. In order to ensure that the server’s authenticate properly, the following SPN’s need to be added.  The values in {} need to be replaced with appropriate values for the particular environment.…

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5 Ways To Improve Microsoft Dynamics CRM Performance

I had the recent pleasure of helping a client work through some very impactful performance issues with their on-premise CRM installation. These issues, which included SQL timeouts, excessive bandwidth consumption, outlook crashes and general slow performance, were causing poor user acceptance, lowered productivity, and negative impact on other business critical applications.…

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The Highlights of Convergence 2013: Important Developments for Dynamics CRM Users

I’ve just returned from the Microsoft tidal wave that is Convergence – the annual Microsoft Dynamics customer conference. I wanted to share some of my observations from the conference while they are fresh, and some thoughts on what these developments may mean for our clients running Dynamics CRM. As I listened to the Dynamics CRM leadership team’s presentations, four main...

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Implementing Dynamics CRM on an Enterprise-Wide Scale Using a Hub and Spoke Strategy

Implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM across an enterprise can deliver tremendous value for organizations, but it requires addressing several significant challenges (such as the need for functional diversity between departments, organizational security requirements, enterprise-wide standardization, and enterprise-wide reporting.) The flexibility of Dynamics CRM provides many different...

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Creating a Folder in SharePoint From a CRM Plugin

“You should make it so when you create a record, a folder with that name is created,” remarked a sage and wise manager. “Is this possible?” “Why, yes it is!” was my quick response. Why Might You Want To Do This? • Automating/requiring automation of tasks with SharePoint (create a folder, add/update a list, etc.) • Getting your plugin(CRM) and SharePoint linked/in sync.…

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Report Wizard Reports in CRM 2011 and CRM Security Roles

During a recent Upgrade from CRM 4.0 to CRM 2011, we discovered that all SSRS Reports migrated from 4.0 to 2011 without any problems. However, Report Wizard Reports were inconsistent; some Users were able to run them, while others were not. After doing some troubleshooting, it appeared the issue was related more to the CRM Security Roles rather than any specific Users.…

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The Regarding Object is Not Set When Creating a New Appointment Activity from a Sub-Grid

When you create an activity from the context of a record, the new Activity should automatically have the Regarding Object set to the parent record.  As of Rollup 11, this behavior is not working when the activity is a sub-grid. In our scenario, we have a custom entity called Event.  We have added a sub-grid for Appointments of a particular event associated with the Event (we have a custom...

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Upcoming Social Media Capabilities Will Expand Sales Intelligence Capability Within Dynamics CRM

Social media continues to be a huge investment for Microsoft, particularly for the Dynamics CRM group, which will continue to step up its social media capabilities throughout the rest of 2012 and beyond. David Pennington, Director of Product Marketing, discussed the roadmap in a recent video interview with with CRMSoftware.TV CRM’s first major push into social media was the November 2011...

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A Lesson in Bulk Deletes and Selectively Restoring Data in Dynamics CRM

We developed a Dynamics CRM Solution for an enterprise-size client that leverages E-mails, Cases, and Queues in the Service Module.  The client has users and customers worldwide.  A user accidentally ran a bulk delete job and deleted over 62,000 Email Activities from the CRM database.  This is not an action that users typically have permissions to run, but this user was mistakenly assigned the...

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