Using the Office 365 Import Service

In May of this year Microsoft introduced a “preview” version of a new tool; the Office 365 Import Service. Office 365 administrators with mail message data in PST archive files can directly import message data into user mailboxes. Whether the PST files are shipped to Microsoft on physical disks or uploaded over the Internet Office 365 administrators use mapping files that link PST files to...

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How to Delete a Message from All Mailboxes in your Exchange 2010 or Exchange 2013 Organization

Let’s face it: IT fire drills happen. Nobody likes them and everybody tries to prevent them, but yet you’ve found this blog post because you have an urgent need to delete a message from every mailbox in your organization. Maybe there’s a virus infestation, maybe a disgruntled employee sent an inappropriate email to everyone, or maybe HR accidently sent around some social...

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