Fishing Analytics – Getting ‘Hooked’ on Python and Power BI

Fishing Analytics – Getting ‘Hooked’ on Python and Power BI

What’s more satisfying than finding a way to combine two of your passions? I asked myself this as I cranked out Python code to process online fish stocking records in a recent fishing analytics pet project. But let’s take a step back first. Our CEO Kevin McCarty was recently published in a Forbes magazine article discussing how tech nerds become successful commercial technologists.…

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What is geospatial data—and why should businesses care about it?

Geospatial data is all around us. Weather reports, suggested routes on Google Maps, geotagged tweets, store locations, and airline routes are an integral part of our daily lives and can be considered geospatial data. Geospatial data is also highly influential in today’s business market, and businesses that incorporate geospatial data into their analysis, reporting, and forecasting have the...

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