How Can You Unlock the Value of Grid-Connected Storage?

How Can You Unlock the Value of Grid-Connected Storage?

I recently had the opportunity to both attend and present at an EUCI event focused on Grid-Connected Storage Interconnection and Operations – Technical and Policy Guidelines. From the discussion at the event, it is evident those working with storage solutions can support a wide variety of diverse applications. The same storage solution can provide load shifting (charging during off-peak hours...

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Grading the Grid: What’s the true renewable tipping point?

If you were to plot U.S. renewable energy usage somewhere on the innovation adoption lifecycle, we’d still fall somewhere between the “Innovator” and “Early Adopter” phase. But with the cost of renewable energy dropping and the number of business and consumer distributed generation installations rising, a renewables-majority isn’t far off. For utilities, an operational change will be...

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