Millennials and Community Banks Make a Perfect Match

Different generations shop, save and invest in very different ways. Millennials are no exception and financial institutions have taken notice, investing large sums in an attempt to understand and accommodate their needs. But who exactly constitutes this generation? Millennials are defined as individuals ranging from 18 to 34 years of age and represent the customer segment not only leading the...

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How Kenya Has Emerged as a Mobile Banking Leader – And Why it Matters (Part 1)

In 2009 I spent several months in rural Kenya volunteering with an independent community development non-profit, working with a small group of women engaged in a microfinance program.  To make regular savings deposits of generally 75 KSH (~$1 at the time) into the pseudo ‘bank,’ some women would travel miles, by foot and/or Matatu, to the orphanage I worked with running the program. …

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A Perspective on Paperless Banking – Part 1 (3 Part Series)

I recently attended the Illinois Bankers Association 122nd Annual Conference & Trade Show where I had the opportunity to hear several notable speakers, including bankers, academicians, advisors, and regulators. One of those speakers, Jack Vonder Heide, CEO of Technology Briefing Centers, Inc., presented several illustrations of new types of technology banks may want to consider as they...

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“Why Easy Matters” Theme #1: Internal Customer Experience Organization is a Key Success Factor

In my kick-off blog post in June, I wrote about how we recently executed a Customer Effort Score assessment, evaluating a selection of banks on their cross-channel customer experience.  In the coming weeks, I will be sharing with you key insights, themes and “aha!” moments that we learned from our research that are critical factors for companies looking to optimize their customer...

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Photo Bill Pay: A Glossy New Mobile Banking Feature

In late January, First Financial Bank of Abilene, Texas, was the first bank in the United States to launch a new form of mobile banking: Picture Pay.  About a month ago, US Bank was the first major US financial institution to offer a similar solution called Photo Bill Pay. Like snapping a photo of a check you’d like to deposit, Picture Pay and Photo Bill Pay users can simply take a...

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