The (Phased vs.) Big Bang Theory

Lessons learned from Uber’s latest power play When Uber rolled out UberEATS, its newest offering, my project manager and I had to try it out, to be “early adopters” of this cool, new thing. The premise is straightforward: you can now have an Uber driver deliver lunch to your office for a $3 fee via the simple, cashless platform of the Uber app.…

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Put a Brick in It: Tricks for Reducing Household Water Usage

In response to California’s four year drought, California Governor Jerry Brown recently signed an executive order¹ to reduce statewide water consumption by 25% before February 2016. Given that the average American is estimated to use 80-100 gallons of water per day,² this 20-25 gallon reduction in daily water usage could be difficult drink for Californians to swallow.…

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SKU Rationalization: The Need for a Holistic Approach in a Customer-Sensitive Marketplace

Retail merchandising decisions are often tough to make. The evolution of an increasingly competitive marketplace has forced retailers to take a hard look at the products they sell to see if it really makes sense to offer them from a business perspective. Additionally, multiple studies have shown that the sales floor is disproportionally occupied by products that collectively only make up a...

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Insurance: Trends in Differentiation and Potential Impacts

With insurance carriers, TPA’s and benefits advisory firms racing to differentiate themselves from the fierce competition for business and talent, there are many trends that shaping up in the industry. Being digital by default: Many firms are offering their employees, customers, clients web and mobile applications to provide both transactional and analytical information to assess risk...

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