Raleigh Salesforce User Group July 2013 Meeting: Connecting all the Dots with FinancialForce, Success Community and Group Therapy

Last Thursday, the Raleigh Salesforce User Group got back to a standard educational luncheon, and while many of us were away on vacation, returning from vacation or preparing for vacation, we still were a hearty group of more than 50. Once comfortably seated and well-fed by FinancialForce, Jeff Beane, one of FinancialForce’s Enterprise Account Executives, explained how FinancialForce can...

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Developing Salesforce Mobile Apps with RubyMotion

RubyMotion, a revolutionary new toolchain for native iOS development from HipByte, lets developers write iOS apps in Ruby, rather than Objective-C. It statically compiles ruby code to run on the Objective-C runtime, and because of this, RubyMotion apps have full access to all the public API’s and Frameworks available to traditional Objective-C developers.…

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An Easier Way To Connect End Users to Salesforce.com Data?

The need to share data from private databases with end users is a problem common to many businesses. Fortunately for Salesforce.com users, building a web application that securely accesses and interacts with Salesforce.com data is surprisingly simple. Getting data into Salesforce.com from your company’s website is actually pretty trivial through Salesforce.coms’ web2lead technology.…

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Dobedobedo – A Ruby Gem API Integration for do.com

Salesforce.com owns a terrific task management/project management web-app called Do.com. This online collaboration tool helps reduce email volume, provides visibility into the workflow of other team members, provides real-time notification and activity feeds of project progress, and more. Recently Do.com began beta testing a REST API that allows developers to interact with Do.com from within...

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A Customer Portal for Sample Kits from Salesforce

Salesforce has become an incredibly popular tool for managing business processes inside companies. It’s great for managing accounts, contacts, opportunities, and leads but many organizations are clamoring to make that data more readily available to their customers and prospects. One request we hear frequently is “Can I setup a portal that will allow prospects or sales reps to build sample kits...

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