Case Feeds: The Salesforce UI of The Future!

We’ve all heard the grumbling, and it’s starting to sound more like a dull roar; Service Cloud Case Feeds for all objects! None of us can say when or where, but Salesforce keeps whispering that the fantastic Case Feed UI will be available on other platforms and objects. I can’t confirm or deny, but I can say gosh, I hope so!…

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Raleigh Users: Join Us at the Raleigh Salesforce User Group Meeting July 25th

Register now for the July 25th Raleigh Salesforce user group meeting, where you’ll learn about Salesforce tools and features that will help you increase user adoption, save time and make you a Salesforce superhero! FinancialForce will be with us to discuss how the growth of the cloud will impact back office applications such as Finance & Operations and why connecting the front...

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The Top Features of the Salesforce Summer 13 Release

As usual, the latest Salesforce release contains all kinds of beneficial updates and enhancements. Here’s a look at the ones I feel will be most beneficial to Salesforce users. What’s with all the Chatter about Chatter? At a March 2013 presentation, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff claimed that Chatter would become the primary…

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The Top 5 Feature Releases of the Spring ’13 Release

The Spring ’13 Release notes are out. Sandbox previews are available. Salesforce is about to start delivering some rich new features to our Salesforce production orgs. Listed below are my Top 5 Favorite Feature Releases of the Spring ’13 release: 5.) Salesforce Touch As I mentioned in my previous post on Salesforce Touch, this feature has lots of potential...

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Salesforce Touch: Still a Work in Progress

Salesforce Touch is available for the iPad as a part of the Winter ’13 release. This feature lets you view and do some basic work with Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Tasks and custom tabs included in the Sales app, and lets you see your Chatter data, including People Groups and Feeds. (All these items are available to you in pleasantly large font).…

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How To Get The Full Value of Your Salesforce Investment

“I’ve got but I’m just not sure I’m getting the full value of it.” We hear this statement a lot from our customers. Generally when I hear it, I immediately start with a question – “What do you want Salesforce to do for you?” The response is usually something like, “Well, I want it to make my business more effective, make my team work together more seamlessly, and give me higher...

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Dreamforce 2012 Recap – A Summary of the Big Announcements

After a somewhat surreal appearance by MC Hammer, things got started with Mark Benioff announcing an array of new products. This kicked off with the eagerly anticipated full release of Salesforce Touch. The Touch UI is something like a virtual rolodex, allowing you to easily scroll to the data in your Salesforce org with one finger.…

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