Harness Your Customer’s Voice for Product (Re)Design

Utilize voice of the customer (VoC) to drive customer feedback insights into action   “I wish I could zoom in on this photo.” “I want to be able save this article to read later.” “I hate that I can’t access this site easily on my phone when I’m commuting.” “It’s more important to me to be able to find what I’m looking for – fast.” “It’s such a pain to enter my payment information each...

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Inventory Management with Salesforce CRM

In many cases, it makes sense to consider a dedicated inventory management solution that integrates with Salesforce CRM. In other cases, as I will illustrate in this article, Salesforce can be configured  to manage a moderately featured inventory management system while avoiding the complexity of an integrated solution—which often contain features that end up either completely or partially...

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Dreamforce: A Relaxing Conclusion

Now that Dreamforce has ended, I can finally collect my thoughts into this third and final installment of my on-the-ground reporting of the Dreamforce experience (click here and here for my previous posts). Even as of the second to last day of Dreamforce (a Thursday), it was readily apparent that the crowd had started to thin out.…

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Giving is the Soul of Dreamforce

A common theme throughout the entire Dreamforce conference has been philanthropy. The topic has been touched upon via multiple channels including billboards, email conference updates, and break-out sessions. Salesforce has weaved giving back into their core values. They have a 1+1+1 program similar to that of West Monroe’s, where they donate 1% of their time, treasure, and talent to...

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Dispatches from Dreamforce: Drinking the Dreamforce Kool-Aid

This week, several members of our Customer Experience team are at Dreamforce, the annual conference hosted by Salesforce.com, and will be offering their perspectives and top takeaways as they experience one of the world’s largest tech events. When arriving in San Francisco, we were immediately welcomed by the sea of Salesforce blue.…

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Forcelandia: A Salesforce Developers Mini-Dreamforce

The Portland Salesforce Developer Group recently hosted the first (of what I hope are many to come) Forcelandia event on July 23rd. This event exceeded all my expectations and felt more like a hands-on mini-Dreamforce event rather than a Salesforce Developer Group Meetup. The event attracted approximately 60 attendees, along with another 10-15 event organizers, Salesforce employees, Salesforce...

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Salesforce Data Visibility

“Good Fences Make Good Neighbors” Many years ago, I was negotiating a contract with a lawyer who said to me, “Good Fences Make Good Neighbors.”  From his perspective, the lawyer wanted to protect his client by defining good customer service in as much detail as possible. Since this contract was our standard boiler plate agreement, used hundreds of times for several years, I was not really...

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Salesforce Version Control: It’s a Challenge

Version control, for most developers, is an absolute must in any professional setting. Many developers would say as much for any development scenario, professional or otherwise. However, in the face of budgets, deadlines, learning curves, and just plain laziness, it’s tempting to forgo the effort for “more productive” efforts like the coding itself.…

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Improving Agent Productivity with Salesforce.com’s Service Console

While many organizations today focus on the ability to automate processes and capture key data related to servicing customers, it doesn’t always consider the medium in which this internal user experience will be delivered. Often times, organizations will take the “just make it work” approach, meaning manual cut and paste, updating information, double-entry, etc.…

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