Tableau: Beyond the Buzzword – Part 2

Tableau continues to be a Leader within Gartner’s Magic Quadrant Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms in ability to execute, placing for the third time in this category in February, 2015[1]. For good reasons, Tableau is a buzzword within many mid-to-large size firms, as addressed in my previous blog post, Tableau: Beyond the Buzzword – Part 1.…

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Tableau: Beyond the Buzzword – Part 1

Tableau: Beyond the Buzzword – Part 1

Tableau Software has created a lot of buzz within many mid-to-large-size organizations.  These companies are looking to make the most of their ever-increasing data, knowing that gaining insights into their business is crucial to their ongoing success. These goals often bring attention to data visualization tools like Tableau. Although it has been around since early 2003, many companies still...

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“Are You Being Served?”

From Self-Service to Free Delivery:  Push Intelligence, automated alerts and reporting anytime, on any device How does IT keep up with the ever changing business needs for new data sources, and reports that enable business users to see data in new ways? For many the answer is:  let business users do it themselves.…

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Favorite Quick & Easy DAX: Calculate Moving Averages with EARLIER

Sometimes reporting data values day-by-day can create the impression of dramatic ups and downs, when really what we want to see is the general trend of changes over time.  We need, in other words, to create a chart based on moving averages.  Such a measure is commonly used in tracking the price of stocks, but there are many other cases where showing, for example, 7-day moving averages is...

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Favorite Quick & Easy DAX: Lookup Values

The more I work in Power Pivot, the more I’m amazed at what can be done using DAX in Excel, Microsoft’s powerful expression language for creating custom calculations, aggregations, and references within and across data entities. In this post, I take a look at the very useful LOOKUP VALUE expression, for when you want to scan any table in your data model, find a specific value, and relate that...

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Favorite Quick & Easy DAX: Calculate Percent of Total Scenario

One of the greatest benefits of creating a PowerPivot or tabular model is the ability to easily build custom calculations, using Data Analysis Expressions (DAX). With DAX, you can create custom calculations using mathematical and other functions, inserted in a new column. DAX supports most of the formulas familiar to Excel users (such as SUM, COUNT, AVERAGE), but also enables look ups and...

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Examining Geo Data with Excel 2013 Power View

I was first exposed to data visualization on maps while working on an anti-piracy project for a software company.  Our efforts included layering multiple levels of information both automated and manually collected onto Bing maps.  Seeing the collaboration of data points on the same map gave insight to the intensity and impact of digital piracy on both region/sub-region levels where KPIs could...

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The Top 3 Reasons to Deploy PowerPivot to SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS)

Microsoft’s PowerPivot add-in to Excel (2010 and 2013) is a powerful tool for business users to combine multiple types of data sources into a single pivot table. Leveraging technology shared by Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) OLAP solutions, PowerPivot provides aggregated data filterable by a common set of attributes, which can be designed by users without having to engage an IT...

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