Self-Service BI. Really?

I’m pretty skeptical of BI marketing pitches, (working as I do as a consultant in the trenches somewhere between business leaders, end users, and IT developers). But after hands-on experience with Microsoft’s latest BI tools – Power Pivot and Power View for SharePoint—I feel persuaded that “self-service BI” are not just buzz words. …

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SharePoint 2013: Sites Hub

Are we losing our sense of vanity? MySpace is culturally irrelevant in the social landscape and with the new release of SharePoint 2013 it seems we are losing the My Site. Welcome, the Sites Hub. The Sites Hub is one of SharePoint’s new features. The top of SharePoint pages contains new navigation consisting of 3 hubs.…

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SharePoint and Office 2013 Finally Get It: Offline Document Sync

Your company has just rolled out a shiny new SharePoint environment designed to enhance your day-to-day efforts with respect to collaboration and information-gathering. You finally have a place to go every morning to get your daily dose of Company updates and important information. Not only that, but the new document management features with Version Control will finally put an end to...

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Geospatial Project Management using SharePoint

A better PMO approach: Efficient project management and situational awareness using direct feedback. Background One of our regional Investor Owned Utilities was rolling out a new Microwave Radio, IP/MPLS Network and 2-way radio system all at the same time. Their PMO was finding it difficult to manage multiple work streams due to the number of vendors, 40 plus locations, type of milestones, and...

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SharePoint 2013 and Public Web Sites

Last week Microsoft delivered a technical preview of their next version of SharePoint Server – SharePoint Server  2013.  Contrary to rumors that were spreading around, Microsoft has not given up on public websites/Digital Marketing and they have been listening to feedback from the field.  The linked references below are from a Netherlands-based partner that worked very closely with...

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What’s New in Authentication for SharePoint 2013 Preview

Last week Microsoft released the preview for the next version of SharePoint Microsoft SharePoint 2013. With a new version comes new features and capabilities, both of which SharePoint 2013 has plenty. During the course of this blog series I will be covering new topics in authentication for SharePoint 2013 Preview. This first post will be an overview of the new authentication capabilities...

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SharePoint 2013 Functional Preview

“The New SharePoint,” SharePoint 2013, promises to raise your expectations as a collaborative workplace tool. The WMP Enterprise Content Management Team will create weekly blog installments profiling the latest end user tools making SharePoint 2013 the best SharePoint experience to date!  Over the next quarter you’ll read about SharePoint 2013 and the...

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Codeless SharePoint Integration with IVR Phone Order System

One of the greatest strengths of SharePoint 2010 is the ability to integrate the platform with external systems. While Business Connectivity Services (BCS) is the main method for implementing external system integration, the ability for SharePoint document libraries to accept incoming emails can also be used. This feature was used to integrate a SwitchVox Interactive Voice Response (IVR)...

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