Breaking Down a Truly Collaborative Supply Chain

In 1984, Toyota and General Motors (GM) created New United Motor Manufacturing, Inc. (NUMMI)¹, a joint venture automobile manufacturing facility. NUMMI gave GM the opportunity to learn about lean manufacturing and was Toyota’s first manufacturing plant in North America. In order to be successful, NUMMI implemented the Toyota Production System and made continuous improvements to its...

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Innovation Station: The New Conjunction Junction

If you grew up on Schoolhouse Rock, like I did, Conjunction Junction rings a bell. Do you now have a song stuck in your head? You’re welcome. The whole idea behind Conjunction Junction was “what’s your function?”- reminding kids that conjunctions exist to connect words, phrases and clauses. I believe that I have come across the adult version of Conjunction Junction.…

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From Cars to Hospitals: Lean Processes in Healthcare

During one of my first consulting engagements, my client had a penchant for veering off topic.  So naturally when she brought up her black belt in Lean Six Sigma, I assumed she was about to share her interests in martial arts.   During my time in the hospital as a medical student and surgical resident, I had never heard of Lean processes, let alone Lean Six Sigma. …

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