Converting Transactional History Data to Snapshot Data (Part 2)

In my previous business intelligence blog, “Converting Transactional History Data to Snapshot Data – Part 1“, we reviewed three challenges involved with converting transactional history data to snapshot data: The First Challenge – Data Uniqueness : Dealing with multiple records for an Entity with the exact same timestamp.  We needed a way to uniquely identify these...

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Converting Transactional History Data into Snapshot Data (Part 1)

There are several scenarios where a developer may want to convert transactional history data into snapshot data. Sometimes an existing transactional solution has been storing transaction history data for years, requiring a migration to snapshot data for reporting purposes. Some customers may be paying a recurring service fee for disk storage and might want to keep disk space consumption down...

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How to Secure Your Data with Dynamics CRM

In this day and age, enterprises have mountains of data lying around (in data warehouses, data marts, and plain old legacy LOB systems), and securing that data is a key concern. This can involve giving people access to a database or api and letting them query away, but it can also involve allowing end users to see only the slices of data for which they naturally have access.…

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