Refining the Daily Standup: The 4th Question

In a previous post, I spoke about dysfunctions in a daily standup that can derail its value to an Agile team, sometimes silently. But there’s another dysfunction I didn’t mention, one that may never show up unless you explicitly address it. My own war story in this area caused me to craft an addition to the standard three-question standup format that I use with every team: the 4th...

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Standup Pitfalls: How to Ruin a Perfectly Good Daily Scrum

Agile is like the game of golf: easy to understand, but difficult to master. For classically trained project managers, leading an Agile team can be confusing, intimidating, and contains pitfalls that a PM may never see. But those pitfalls can stifle an otherwise promising Agile team and jeopardize the product. Typically, the first Agile ceremony adopted by teams “doing Agile” is the daily...

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