Move Aside Cloud, Blockchain is the Newest ERP Trend

Move Aside Cloud, Blockchain is the Newest ERP Trend

On January 10, 2018, Geoprise Technologies Corporation, the maker of GM-X ERP, announced that it has partnered with Coin Sciences Ltd, maker of the MultiChain blockchain platform, to launch an ERP application leveraging blockchain technology to enable secure business-to-business collaboration and others are quickly following suit. Let’s take a step back to understand what blockchain is and...

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Homework for the Holidays

Brimming with holidays, vacations, and busy personal schedules, the last quarter of the year can be difficult, if not borderline impossible to plan for. At times, we feel like throwing our hands up and saying “forget it”, chalking the last couple months of the year up as a wash. We have all felt that frustration and anxiety of meeting year end deadlines with half the resources, money, and...

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