How Competitive is Washington State in the Innovation Economy?

As the director of West Monroe’s Seattle office, I was very interested to read The Technology Alliance’s assessment of the health of the local technology economy in their recently published report, “Benchmarking Washington’s Innovation Economy.” The report analyzes how Washington State’s technology sector performed in 2014 compared to 11 peer states with technology-intensive economies under...

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Technical Debt

We have all heard of debt, typically referred to in the financial sense such as loans and credit cards, but do you know what it means to have technical debt?  This is a concept that has increasingly entered into the vocabulary of IT leadership and business investors.  This is however something that’s not often discussed by technologists that are so close to the platforms that have...

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How Business and IT Benefit From A Network Monitoring System

Network Monitoring Systems (NMS) are powerful platforms that can deliver monitoring services at many levels if implemented correctly – potentially providing a competitive edge. IT and business leadership often expect to get some sort of silver-bullet when implementing these platforms that will enable uninterrupted service and performance to its end users and customers, alike.…

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Consultative Learning: Why CRM Shouldn’t Feel Like Chemistry

As CRM Consultants, we are often tasked with educating our client on the most effective solutions for their business. Often times CRM platforms are viewed by the client as an incredibly effective tool, but one they don’t know how to use, or the true capabilities. It’s up to us to gain an understanding of the business needs and translate to the client exactly what can be built and how CRM can...

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Service Level Agreements: How are you using them?

SLAs, all organizations have them in one form or another. When I say SLA or Service Level Agreements, I am referring to them as a measurement used to ensure that that a task reaches an end condition within a certain amount of time.  SLAs are used differently across organizations – for some, SLAs are what they manage their tasks against every day, others follow when necessary, while some...

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Dream Crushing Mistakes: The importance of testing and quality assurance

A few weeks ago, Carnegie Mellon University released a statement that one of their programs mistakenly sent acceptance letters via email to about 800 applicants. What department would make such an error? None other than the Computer Science Department. We operate in a world where automation, speed, and ease are characteristics we want to apply to our daily work.…

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MAS Radio: A critical but aging link for SCADA – Part 1

For years, Multiple Address (MAS) radio has been a popular solution used by utilities to reach and aggregate remote terminal units (RTUs). It is widely used by electric utilities, the oil and gas pipeline industry, water and wastewater systems, and railroads – allowing communications with remote devices that are critical to the reliable and safe operation of the systems which they are part...

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Understanding How the Telecommunication Carriers’ Transition to IP Impacts Utilities

As discussed in the past, the Plain Old Telephone System (POTS), or as some people call it, the Copper Phone Network is going away.  With it will be all of the legacy communications methods the carriers use that are not Ethernet based.   This is due to the proliferation of cellular phones and mobility eliminating the need for a tethered connection.  …

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Data & Football: Using Big Data & Analytics to Visualize NFL Twitter Trends

Data & Football: Using Big Data & Analytics to Visualize NFL Twitter Trends

When I was growing up, my dad used to tell me “Work on something you love and it will never feel like work.” In our Advanced Analytics practice, our team shares a common love of data and complex problems.  We work on exciting challenges, pulling together experiences to determine the right tool for the job and deliver uncommon results. …

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