AirBnB: How to create a community dedicated to customer experience

Interactive shots of weekend getaways and exotic global destinations, AirBnB’s website will make anyone want to pack a bag immediately. Based off of sharing-economy principles, AirBnB operates on the premise of strangers opening their homes at a reasonable price for a period of time; essentially matching individuals to provide for a need of the other.…

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The Funding Challenge Of the Water Industry, Just Look to Technology – Part I

Part I: How did we get here? This discussion of the challenges facing the water industry will be followed with “Part II”, which will provide insight on how technology can help meet these difficult challenges. The water supply industry is feeling the pressure of extensive infrastructure replacement needs, rising operations costs, declining average customer consumption, and fragmented water...

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The Changing Face of Consumer Goods: The Impact of Technology

As an Industrial Engineer with a background in research and an interest in supply chains, I have been keeping abreast of recent retail and distribution news like some people keep up with pop culture. In particular, my interests lie in tracking how technology is changing the face of consumer goods. It goes without saying that over the past decade, the effect of technology on the state of the...

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Get the Most Out of Your Data: Three Tips for using SSRS Reports in SharePoint

If you’re not sure what SSRS stands for or aren’t sure what it is, this might refresh your memory: Hopefully that didn’t cause any flashbacks! SSRS, or SQL Server Reporting Services, is one of the major reporting technologies you’ll see in any Microsoft BI solution, and although some newer technologies have made headway, it’s still one of the most common ones out...

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The Right Port in a Storm

Imagine if you will, you are the captain of a ship. (I’m from Baltimore, land of tall ships.  Please pardon my nautical references.)   You have been commissioned to deliver goods and passengers from point A to point B.  You are uncertain where point B is but you have 16 years of experience sailing this ship and you earned your title of Captain. …

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Q&A: Day in the Life of Two New Technology Consultants

This blog serves to give potential recruits the perspective of being staffed on a first project and working with the Microsoft SharePoint 2013 platform. Kyle Coronel and Will Watkins, two recent college graduates, have been with West Monroe Partners since early August 2014, and they recently finished phase one of implementation for their first project.…

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Detecting Underground Leaks as the Value of Water Rises

From watershed to water glass, water flows so freely into American homes and work places that it is easy to take for granted all of the steps involved in delivering clean water. The ease of supply also hides a fragile and “at risk” delivery system. Attention to the delivery system is urgently needed to fix aging infrastructure and automate the control and monitoring.…

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What is Responsive Design?

What is Responsive Design?

What Is Responsive Design? The age of smartphones is upon on us, and the web is transforming to accommodate them.  According to an August 2013 article by Mashable, mobile web browsing is rapidly gaining popularity.  The study found that 11.1% of all web traffic in 2012 occurred via mobile devices, and that this percentage has since increased by more than 6%.  …

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