Data to Dashboard: Making sense of Big Data

Our Advanced Analytics  team’s obsession with the NFL led us on an ambitious journey to collect NFL Twitter data with the hopes to gather some useful insights. As the weeks went by, millions of tweets were collected. With this data being amassed, we established the arduous objective to understand the type of events that surround large influxes of tweets.…

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3 key aspects companies should incorporate into their customer service

Like most customers, my mood turns sour when I encounter poor customer service. However, personally, poor customer service (long hold times, unpleasant CSRs, inconvenient processes) still feels like the norm and therefore I try to not let it ruin my day. But what I recently found out about myself as a consumer, is that I’m far greater impacted (in a positive way) by excellent customer service...

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Anti-Social Media

Anti-Social Media

The past week will likely go down in history as one where we saw the massive impact of social media in today’s world.  Most notably, following the horrible events in Boston, social media, especially Twitter, became a leading distributor of news information.  While a combination of bad reporting by the traditional news networks and tweets by ill-informed Twitter users often...

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