The Sweet Spot for Otto’s Self-Driving Autonomous Trucks

Uber is moving forward at a rapid pace with testing self-driving autonomous trucks within it subsidiary Otto. Last week, in conjunction with Anheuser Busch, Otto transported 45,000 cans of Budweiser 120 miles in Colorado, with a driver only touching the wheel to get on and off the highway. Uber’s entrance into the freight hauling market will bring another disruptor and differentiator to...

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Who is Driving That Truck?

Who is Driving That Truck?

There is a recent phenomenon here in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. A small fleet of cars that drive the speed limit, stay perfectly centered in their lanes, and only turn left when they have the signal. Uber has been turning a lot of heads in the “Burgh” with their self-driving car pilot. Ride share passengers are the first to reap the benefits of automation in a controlled setting; however, the...

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