Replacing RunOnce

Recently, I was assigned to project work where I needed to manage configuration settings for users of newly deployed Windows 7/8 computers and an old familiar trick no longer worked. Previously, the use of built-in Windows functions, such as writing information to the RunOnce key of the default user profile, worked well.…

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Alternate Network Configuration Using Windows Scripting Host

This blog post is another in series about Windows Scripting Host (WSH) covering topics that have very little or no existing example code on the Internet. The challenge covered in this post is the automation of configuring the Alternate Addressing IP information on a Windows network adapter. This feature of Windows could be used in situations when a set failover configuration for TCP/IP needs...

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Enhancing User Interfaces in Windows Scripting Host

Enhancing User Interfaces in Windows Scripting Host

In my last blog post we used Windows Scripting Host (WSH) to create a controlled input interface for users. This is great for situations where the process of starting a published application or a login script requires user input. In that post I briefly discussed using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to allow the administrator to customize the user interface’s aesthetics.…

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Creating User Interfaces in Windows Scripting Host

There are several ways for system administrators to collect input from users via a logon script and each has its advantages. The process we will be exploring in this post has the advantages that it is not does not require security reconfiguration as when working with HTA (HTML Applications) files and it allows the administrator an array of more diverse, normalized input methods.…

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