The Power of Focus

Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of participating in more implementation efforts than I would care to recall. A common factor in nearly all of them is that I’m asked to get involved once Management, usually Executive Management, has finally come to the realization that things just might not be going so well. Rather than dwell on all of the factors (and there are many) that cause efforts like this to get off track I thought it would be better to talk about some of the things that help get these efforts back on track.

One word that that continues to run through my mind lately is the word FOCUS. To accomplish any significant transformation (yes, virtually all implementations of new technology involve some level of transformation of a group, department, or enterprise), it’s important to get FOCUSED on the task at hand. Focus on what problem are we trying to solve? Focus on who is most impacted by the solution? Focus on who owns the solution? Focus on ensuring the right members of your business team are involved and engaged in the effort. Focus not just on the application itself, but on the business processes impacted by the solution. Focus on ensuring executive management clearly understands the scope and effort and is informed of progress and issues. Focus on ensuring everyone involved in the project understands the answers to these questions.

FOCUSING on the basics will make a difference!

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