The Right Way to Maximize Productivity in Your Warehouse: Coaching

If your front line supervisors are disciplining under-performing associates without giving them a chance to learn or understand how improving benefits them, you are likely creating a negative effect on your bottom line. Coaching employees through proper observation, training, and follow up creates an environment of trust between management and associates. Instead of discipline where management owns the process and dictates the steps for improvement, coaching creates buy in by putting the ownership on the associates and helping them see why improving benefits them as well as the company. Discipline may still be necessary at some point in the process, but it should be considered the last step when the associate has failed to respond to proper coaching.

Turnover costs in today’s work environment can be staggering. Proper coaching creates an environment of accountability and builds trust which will go a long way in reducing turnover and increasing associate performance.

Read more about the benefits of coaching in my article “Coaching versus discipline in a production environment.”

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