The Salesforce Social Key: Unlock the Door to Social Selling

Just in case you have been off the planet for a while, “Social Selling” is the new reality in today’s sales processes and approaches. A person can search for “Social Selling” on Google or Amazon and find that it’s a growing model, and one that continues to evolve with the social revolution landscape.

If your role is to generate revenue for your company, then “Social Selling” is the competitive edge you will need to improve your company’s ability to sell, market, and outperform competitors.You will find your customers (both potential and existing) are moving toward this model and expectation. I had one CEO actually tell me, “If you can’t spend a little time reading my public background, business pursuits, and interests, via LinkedIn, Facebook and blogs, then why should I give you my valuable time to hear what you have to offer?” They were basically telling me, “do your homework, be educated, and know me and my business before you ask for a moment of my time. Put simply, use Social Media to help sell me!”

As you start to adopt this model, you will quickly realize the daunting task of sifting through the mountains of data generated by the social networks. After all, “Social Selling” is all about finding relevant information that will be helpful in understanding a prospects business activity, influences and behaviors from within social media. has always been at the forefront of innovation; providing platforms that meet our sales and account management needs. Our need to adopt “Social Selling” and have a sales platform to support it was no exception. So much so that in 2012, we saw turn its attention to social media by adding

This addition to the Sales Cloud provided much needed B2B data, which could be used to find new opportunities, expand existing business, and ensure data quality.

At the same time, ushered in a feature called Social Accounts and Contacts which gave sales users easy access to the “Social Selling” intelligence needed to meet existing (and potential) customers’ needs. gave us the insight needed to work smarter via its crowd sourced Jigsaw contact database and business data from Dun & Bradstreet. Now with Social Integration, we’ve become even more empowered by having access to the social information and networks of our leads and contacts.

But with any new sales model and approach, as well as the platform supporting it, you’ll find challenges. In this case, there’s the daunting task of manually linking each individual social profile to each individual record. But never fear! has continued to push the abilities of their Social Integrations, and the latest addition to the Sales Cloud, Social Key proves it!’s Social Key Tool Social Key connects social information with company information within the Sales Cloud. It works off of’s ability to complete missing data in, such as titles and phones numbers for contacts, and automatically associates social handles to your contacts and leads. (Note: currently supports LinkedIn®, Twitter®, and Facebook® for contacts and leads in the United States only.)

This provides the key to what Social Selling demands; a holistic and social view of your customer. A view that separates the trivial from the relevant, and the business from the personal in order to gain insight into what we want most; the prospect’s buying behavior and business needs.  This satisfies “Social Selling’s” ultimate goal, which is to develop deeper connections with customers and prospects and close more deals!

How is your organization approaching Social Selling? Are you fully utilizing the social and data management possibilities of Salesforce? Leave your questions or comments below, or reach us to us to learn more about social selling within Salesforce. Email us at

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