The Top 5 Best Features of the New Dynamics CRM 2011 Software Update

The new Dynamics CRM 2011 software update will be available in mid-December!  Microsoft has packed lots of helpful new features into this latest update, and here’s a look at the Top 5 best:

5.)  Flatter UI and ever present Process Map
The User Interface (UI) has been redesigned to better align with Office 2013, Windows 8, and tablet style touch computing.  The UI layout is cleaner and flatter, and limits pop-ups.  The updated UI also includes the embedded Process Map, which gives users real-time access to the latest events in a customer’s sales cycle.

4.) Bing Maps
Dynamics CRM now has integrated Bing maps!  (What sales person wouldn’t want a map attached to their Contacts in CRM?) This used to require customization, but this latest update makes Bing maps a standard feature of Dynamics CRM 2011.

3.) Office 2013 Compatibility
Office 2013 has a much different look and feel than Office 2010, and these new updates guarantee that Dynamics CRM 2011 continues to play well with all versions of Office (which is always important to users who purchase new or replacement hardware on a regular quarterly or monthly schedule.)

2.) Yammer and Skype Integration
After Microsoft’s $8.5B purchase of Skype and $1.2B purchase of Yammer, folks started wondering when they’d see these platforms integrated into Dynamics.  The wait is over! Yammer and Skype integration are now “out of the box.”

1.) Dynamics CRM now on Safari (Apple iOS), Chrome and other browsers:
This is huge!  Dynamics CRM used to only work well on PCs using Internet Explorer, while Mac users had to run a Windows emulator in order to use Dynamics CRM at all. Dynamics CRM now supports Safari (iPad, iPhone, etc.), Firefox, and Google Chrome browsers, and can work directly on Macs. (Note: You’ll definitely want to look closely at the caveats, as only certain versions of the different browsers are supported.)

What’s Next?
Now that you’ve whetted your appetite, how about a look at what’s next on the Dynamics CRM planning horizon?

– Marketing Automation (Brand Management, Customer Loyalty, Multi-channel Campaign Management, Campaign Analytics)

Office 365 (Microsoft’s online version of the Office suite) integration

Microsoft Lync (Microsoft’s corporate IM program) integration

These are the Top 5 New Features, but there are plenty of others. Check out Microsoft’s Preview Doc for more information on the rest of the features now available. Also, be sure to check out Microsoft’s latest Dynamics CRM Commercial.

Interested in Learning More?
If you’re currently thinking about upgrading to Dynamics CRM 2011 or exploring Customer Relationship Management solutions, reach out to us.  We’d love to talk to you about your business needs and how the features and benefits of Dynamics CRM can work for you.

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