To change or not to change?

I work with a variety of clients but one thing that seems consistent across all of them is the ongoing question of where to find the time and money to change their processes and/or systems in the hopes of achieving long-term gains. Margins are tight, time is precious and priorities are ever-changing.

In 2008, I helped a client review their forklift standards, documented all of their processes, developed standards in their labor management system, and identified several areas for improvement on the software and operational side on the business. But it was not until last month when they were finally able to implement discrete labor standards for a variety of reasons. Would the union approve of the new labor standards? How would employees react? How accurate are these engineered standard calculations? Can we afford to implement changes? These were all questions my client was struggling to answer. Now with our discrete labor standards they can be sure they are using the right data to make their business decisions.

Upon delivery of the discrete forklift labor standards, my client was able to realize an immediate 16% productivity increase. First and foremost, I looked good to my client since my calculations proved true. All joking aside though, I am gratified that my client is now in a better position to maintain their market-leading position by reducing their largest cost labor without sacrificing quality or safety.

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