Using SSRS to Create a Dashboard with Parameter Selections in CRM 2011

Recently, a client asked for help with creating a dashboard in Dynamics CRM which would allow users to simultaneously change parameters on multiple panels of the dashboard.

The client wanted to add custom reports to the Dashboard sections, but was stumped on how to link them to the same parameter selection. Since they already had several reports that exposed the data thru SharePoint (created by another developer – hurray!), I simply created a parent report using BIDS, and added all the existing reports as sub reports.

I added datasets to the parent report to query the information for the parameters, and then hooked the parameters up to the sub-reports, so that they all change when the parameter values change on the parent report. When I deployed all the reports to SSRS, I didn’t use FetchXML.  I updated the data source for each report to point to the SQL data source (MSCRM_DataSource) since that is how the data was being queried.

Once the parent report was working thru SSRS as expected, I created a new solution in CRM, then added a dashboard (which includes a single large iFrame pointing to the parent report location on the SSRS server.)

I posted this blog because I’ve seen similar questions related to this in the past. I hope this saves someone some time, it’s a very simple answer but may not be obvious when you are looking at the issue from the CRM Dashboard itself.

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