What Does the Future Hold for America’s Dirtiest Power Plants?

In a report published earlier this week, the 50 dirtiest power plants in the United States were put under scrutiny for their contributions to carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in the United States.  The findings indicate that these plants are responsible for over 30 percent of the country’s power-sector CO2 emissions but produce just 15 percent our electricity.  Even more staggering, these 50 plants alone produced more CO2 emissions in 2012 (637 million metric tons) than the entire nation of South Korea, the world’s 7th largest emitting country. …

Microsoft Dynamics Mobile App (MoCA) – A CRM Best Kept Secret


Along with last year’s release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013, Microsoft also released the Dynamics 2013 Mobile Client Application (MoCA) for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013. This release is available for all Windows 8 phones and tablets as well the iPhone 5, 5s and 6, the second and third generation iPads (not iPad mini) as well as Android devices. The Mobile Client is a must have for any CRM user on the go. After an assessment of this great feature, I’d like to share some neat perks that can help users maximize their efficiency and stay connected.…

Alternate Network Configuration Using Windows Scripting Host

This blog post is another in series about Windows Scripting Host (WSH) covering topics that have very little or no existing example code on the Internet. The challenge covered in this post is the automation of configuring the Alternate Addressing IP information on a Windows network adapter. This feature of Windows could be used in situations when a set failover configuration for TCP/IP needs to be routable or and preferred over the usual LAN only configuration provided by APIPA.…

Utilities and Customer Engagement: An Unorthodox Marriage

Nearly all utilities, by design, are natural monopolies. While they are designed to have an overall benefit to society, they are still monopolies. Meaning they have control of the market with no competitors. If you want water – and I assume you do – you have to pay your water utility at the rates that have been set.

So that brings us to the next point – why should utilities care about improving customer service, decreasing customer effort, or increasing customer engagement?…

West Monroe Partners’ Tim McGovern Named to Board of Bike Works of Seattle


Tim McGovern broadens West Monroe Partners’ involvement in the Puget Sound community

West Monroe Partners recently announced that Tim McGovern, a consultant in the Seattle office, has been named to the Board of Directors of Bike Works of Seattle.

Bike Works builds sustainable communities by educating youths and promoting bicycling. Since 1996, Bike Works has worked to educate and empower youths, and make bicycling accessible and affordable to the Seattle community.

“Cycling is a lifestyle and passion of mine and I feel honored to serve as a board member with the Bike Works organization that influences the lives of so many youths in our community,” said Tim McGovern.  …

Salesforce Case Management


How efficient a company is in providing support for their product / services is what customers look at! This means an organization should be well equipped to address all the questions, troubles that clients face & quickly respond to them!

Imagine you get a call from a customer complaining or asking a question about your product. Now, you start logging all the details given by the customer in say, Excel form. After doing that, you need to think about the right agent who can handle the issue which itself is a time consuming process.…

What’s New in Tableau Maps 8.2?

Tableau’s recent release of Maps 8.2 brought a lot of changes to the existing map functionality. What were the changes and why do they matter?

The most noteworthy change in Maps 8.2 was the complete switch of how the maps are being provided. Originally, Tableau used Urban Mapping servers to host all their boundary, label and data layers, meaning that if Tableau wanted to make a change in any of these details, they would have to put in a ticket with Urban Mapping and wait for them to react.…

Coming out of the Gate Strong: Building a Project Management Office (for the Right Reasons) – Part II

Now that we are convinced that a PMO can successfully drive project value , let’s talk about next steps.  Much like a company, a PMO needs a well-defined structure in place to deliver value.

Here are five key questions to consider coming out of the gate:

  1. What are the business drivers that the PMO will address? In order to drive strategic value, the objectives of the PMO need to be linked to banks’ overall objectives. Specific goals should be articulated to assure alignment.

Considerations For Your Next International Deployment

West Monroe Partners was recently engaged to develop a new Windows image to replace the nearly 100% Windows XP environment at a global manufacturing client. This image needed to support roughly 30 different hardware types and 20 different language/locale options in as many countries – a truly global deployment. Our development efforts culminated in a whirlwind tour of the client’s global manufacturing and major office facilities, to assist local site IT in rapidly upgrading their user base and providing day one support for the upgrade.…

The Agent Experience

In the past decade, the Internet has forced organizations to reinvent the way they think about customer experience.  Vehicles like Twitter and Yelp have increased transparency into how well (or not so well) organizations serve their customers.  The customer experience is so publicized and has become a focus for organizations in all industries.  Recognizing this, we at West Monroe Partners have an entire solution line dedicated to transforming your organization’s customer experience.  Read- customer experience is hot right now.

FCC Part 17 Rule Changes

Towers and other antenna structures form the backbone of today’s microwave based telecommunication systems. Recently the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) made some dramatic changes to streamline and eliminate outdated provisions in the Part 17 rules governing the construction, marking, lighting and maintenance of these structures.  The FCC started this effort to modernize Part 17 back in 2004 and that effort recently resulted in the release of Report and Order 14-117.

Definitions of an Antenna Structure:

The FCC clarified some definitions and term used in Part 17.…

3 Quick Checks to Ensure You Start Your Project Off Right

Whether the next project you are involved in is slated to last a single week or multiple years, there is little doubt that the tone and pace of the project is set when the groups involved meet for the first time as a team.  This kickoff meeting is the time when introductions are made, questions are asked, and initial plans are set.  Once all of these details are hammered out and we know who is going to be doing what, we can finally begin working on our project, hooray!…

Key ERP decisions facing Global M&A

Today many medium and small businesses are selling products in a global economy and employing a global workforce.  Many of those businesses have outsourced key functions to meet customer demands and keep costs low. Your software development team might be in Hyderabad, India, your procurement department may reside in Bratislava, Slovakia or you may be running a ‘Maquiladora’ free trade zone manufacturing facility in Mexico.

Depending how your firm intends to grow the business (i.e., through acquisitive growth in multiple regions of the world or with global operational strategies to cut cost and drive value to your organization and subsequently the end customer), your ERP strategy can vary greatly.…

CPP Compliance, What Does Dynegy Know?

As documented in prior blogs here, the Clean Power Plan (CPP) requires that the electric sector reduce its carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 30% nationwide by 2030.  Many in the coal and power industry believe that this requirement is yet another nail in the coffin of fossil fuel fired power plants and coal plants in particular.

However, in a recent announcement—“Dynegy Rises from the Ashes” (Wall Street Journal, August 23-24, 2014)—Dynegy will nearly double its power-generating capacity when it buys 21 plants from Duke Energy Corp.…

Enhancing User Interfaces in Windows Scripting Host


In my last blog post we used Windows Scripting Host (WSH) to create a controlled input interface for users. This is great for situations where the process of starting a published application or a login script requires user input. In that post I briefly discussed using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to allow the administrator to customize the user interface’s aesthetics. The user interface at the end of that last post looked like this:


This shorter two-step post will take the script created in the last post and add new functions to it to achieve our enhanced interface by attaching and configuring a style sheet.…


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