Blazing a Trail with the Salesforce Dev Group

Last Tuesday, West Monroe Partners hosted the Seattle Salesforce Developer Group for its second meeting since being reinstated in April. Developers and Administrators alike and of all experience levels joined us for a meetup complete with pizza, beer, and this little guy:

Trailhead Guy 2

That’s right, the name of the game was Trailhead. And the grand prize? Salesforce swag, of course!

Expertly guided by WMP Experienced Consultant AJ Manry and WMP Architect Valentin Grasparil, meetup participants were introduced to Salesforce’s new training site, Trailhead. The site is meant to replace the Salesforce workbooks as the go-to tool for platform mastery. Now, instead of choosing from a set of function-specific workbooks, “Trailheaders” get to choose, you guessed it, a trail. Each trail covers material from all functional areas of the platform, including organization setup, user management, the security model, process automation, reporting, mobile setup, Visualforce, and Lightning Connect. Additional, in-depth, modules and projects are available as well for those that want to focus their learning in one feature area.

What’s more, Trailhead has been gamified. Throughout your trail run (hike/ride/skip/whatever your groove), you complete challenges and earn points towards colorful badges. Your Trailhead account works in tandem with a free developer Salesforce instance and it checks your work as you go, providing useful error messages and helpful hints when you need them.

I have already found Trailhead to be an excellent tool for new users looking to learn the basics and also for more experienced users looking to study up for Salesforce Certification. WMP Seattle is even integrating Trailhead into our campus hire CRM training program.

The User Group spent an hour or so in presentation mode and then another hour in the system earning badges. Inevitably, this led to a contest. Those that accrued the most points (really, everyone) received a nifty Trailhead T-shirt with grand prize winners receiving a high quality Trailhead sweatshirt.

So, what can you do?

  • Join the Seattle Salesforce Developer Group by visiting our Meetup. Developers and Admins are both welcome. Meetup topics alternate between skill sets and suggestions are always appreciated. Plus, there is always free food! And, good people.
  • Flaunt your awesomeness. Post your points and badges to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn (an instant resume booster that is completely free). Badges and points are also displayed on your Developers profile, so make sure to set your profile to public in the “My Settings” window.

Badges 2

If you have any questions regarding Salesforce, the Seattle Dev Group, or this blog, please comment below or email me at

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