A Conversation About Inclusion & Diversity, Part 2: Building a Unified Team in a Merger or Acquisition

A Conversation About Inclusion & Diversity, Part 2: Building a Unified Team in a Merger or Acquisition

This year, in an effort to be transparent about the journey we are undertaking to strengthen our culture of inclusion with both our employees and external stakeholders – our clients and neighbors in the communities where we live and work – we are publishing a series of articles to create an open dialog about inclusion and diversity.

The second paper in our series examines how to build an inclusive culture when acquiring new firms and integrating the employees into the West Monroe culture. Making our new team members feel included—as rapidly as possible—is key to realizing the value of an acquisition. When employees immediately feel like part of their new organization, they—and the skills, relationships and ideas they bring – are more likely to remain with the firm long-term. That feeds a growing, profitable business. Conversely, ignoring cultural integration, and ultimately not being as inclusive as possible, during the integration can lead to the development of an “us versus them” mentality that erodes trust over time and creates low engagement among new team members.

Acquisitions are an important part of our business and growth strategy, and this paper looks at our lessons learned and best practices we’ve developed during the four acquisitions we’ve made over the past several years. In fact, this week we are celebrating the anniversary of our acquisition of Invoyent, a healthcare consulting firm. Chris Althoff, a former partner at Invoyent who joined our firm last July as part of that deal, contributes his perspective on what it was like to go through the process in this paper.

As we continue on our journey, we want this to be a conversation, and I invite you to leave a comment below if you have questions or ideas.

Please visit our website for the first paper in the series, “A Conversation About Inclusion & Diversity: Part 1 – The Tipping Point.”

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