Embrace Changing Requirements and Gain a Competitive Advantage

Your competition doesn’t stop innovating while you are developing the latest version of your enterprise-class software. Why should your software development process? If you are developing software based on requirements written 6-12 months ago, you will be delivering a product that is a year behind your competition. In today’s competitive market place, this approach can doom your product and limit your competitive advantage.

You need a development process that is as flexible and forward thinking as your business. One that can incorporate new ideas as they are conceived so your software product reflects your current thinking and business solutions, not the ones your team thought of last year. Successful software development methodologies incorporate the latest in evolutionary design, continuous delivery and automated processes to make this vision a reality.

Software development is fundamentally an information gathering process. Throughout the lifetime of a software project many of the project activities do not actually involve writing code. Rather, most activity involves gathering, interpreting and analyzing information about what the software is supposed to accomplish, how to determine if it does or not, and why.

This observation explains why successful methodologies tend to be adaptive oriented rather than predictive. A frustrating paradox in software development is that the comprehensive information describing an application feature cannot be known until that feature has been completed. This is due to both human nature (of the users and designers) as well as the highly interdependent aspect of complex systems. As a result, traditional methodologies force decisions to be made with incomplete information. No methodology will give you complete information about the business problem and technical solution under development, however, experience indicates that a more successful strategy is to employ a process that adapts to the changing information a team gathers through the development process and the project life-cycle instead of trying to predict it in advance.

Your business is moving quickly. In order to keep pace you need a development process that can successfully adapt to your business’s changing needs throughout the project lifecycle.

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