Congratulations to ComEd on its new Interconnection and Net Metering Tool

We are very excited to see Commonwealth Edison (ComEd) change the landscape of energy distribution and consumption! Last week ComEd launched its new interconnection and net metering application tool –  The electronic submissions capability not only allows ComEd to process twice as many applications with existing resources, but it also eliminates errors with built in error checking features.  Once submitted, the applicant will be able to track the status of its application on ComEd’s Interconnect tool as it moves through the approvals process.

ComEd’s Interconnect tool is the first Distributed Generation Management System (DGMS) – and is the first step to successfully capturing and managing DG resources. A DGMS can be designed for utilities to enable an electronic enrollment process, manage the DG asset data to all utility operation and planning systems, and provide utilities with the ability to forecast the impact of customer’s DG systems in real-time.  Tracking and anticipating renewable DG, especially rooftop solar, is very helpful to utilities whether it be immediate (load balancing) or near-term (capacity planning). In the future we will see DGMS solutions deliver all three of these key capabilities; enrollment, distribution of asset information and DG output forecasting. 

As the Energy and Utility landscape continues to evolve, companies like ComEd help pave the way to a more energy efficient future. Introducing tools like ComEd’s Interconnect tool will enable utilities to confront the challenges that come with bringing DG resources online and the ongoing management of the impact these resources have on grid operations.  We look forward to seeing the short and long-term benefits of DGMS tools.

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