Issues with Upgrading to Windows 8.1/IE 11 when Running Dynamics CRM 2011?

As many of my clients start upgrading their systems to Windows 8.1, Internet Explorer 11 there have been some challenges with regards to getting up and running with Dynamics CRM 2011. I’ve run across a few of these scenarios, and was able to solve them both with the On Premise instance by accessing CRM through VPN and the Online instance.

On Premise Observations:
I upgraded on the Microsoft campus, and didn’t find any problem accessing the various On Premise instances of Dynamics CRM.  However, I was unable to VPN from my home office. Once on my own network, there were some 8.1 security updates that needed to be done, but I couldn’t do them unless I was on the MS campus (as I was trying to VPN into their domain). Once I was off campus, I could not get to the environments I needed (unless I used the InPrivate Browsing option in Internet Explorer.)

After some research, I found a workaround using the following combination of IE configurations:

Internet Explorer Options

1.       Go to Tools > Internet Options > Programs.

2.       Set the Choose how you open links to Always in Internet Explorer on the desktop.

3.       Go to the Advanced tab.

4.       Check Enable Enhanced Protected Mode*


5.       Add * to your Trusted Sites.

6.       Reboot.

7.       Open CRM.

–   Once I was in CRM, I went back and unchecked the Enable Enhanced Protected Mode* and was then able to access the application.


Online Observations:

By default, the Online instance was opening in Mobile Express mode.

1.       Go to Tools > Compatibility View Settings.

2.       Adding to compatibility view gives me the ability to select an organization.

3.       Adding allowed me to access to the client’s CRM.



Have you run into this issue? Give us your thoughts and feedback below.


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