Manage your distribution center like a grocery store

Grocery stores’ operating models haven’t evolved drastically in the last decade – mainly because it works. And yet, many distribution centers are not able to replicate some of their basic management principles.

Marketing departments have always been proactive in making sure products are flying off the shelves; they use many different tools in their arsenal to make sure we, the customers, have the best experience while shopping. Given their proven success, it’s clear that retail marketing in grocery stores can teach us a thing or two about running a more efficient distribution center. In my article, I look into four areas for improvement:

  • End cap for items on promotion
  • Areas for seasonal items
  • Shelf space assignment (Golden Zone)
  • Employees’ schedules

The most successful distribution centers are those poised to adapt to changing market conditions and customer preferences. How might your distribution center benefit from a little “retail therapy?”

Make sure to read the full article, published in Industrial Supply Magazine, for more details.

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