Microsoft Dynamics Mobile App (MoCA) – A CRM Best Kept Secret

Along with last year’s release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013, Microsoft also released the Dynamics 2013 Mobile Client Application (MoCA) for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013. This release is available for all Windows 8 phones and tablets as well the iPhone 5, 5s and 6, the second and third generation iPads (not iPad mini) as well as Android devices. The Mobile Client is a must have for any CRM user on the go. After an assessment of this great feature, I’d like to share some neat perks that can help users maximize their efficiency and stay connected.

After a simple free download from the Apple App Store, Google Play or Windows 8 Marketplace, users can then enter their URL for their CRM Online or IFD On-Premise instance, login with their credentials and start viewing and editing CRM data right away. Microsoft has developed a ‘configure once and deploy across all devices’ approach. Meaning all available entities will default to the main form layout for tablets. For phones, the layout is controlled by the Mobile Form layout. With the right privileges users can easily set up their CRM environment and see the configuration across all devices. Entities which are not enabled out of the box cannot be enabled but all custom entities can be enabled. A few changes and quite a step up from the Mobile Express Client, most notably is the support for JavaScript and the support of custom entities. Even better, the app is free with every Dynamics 2013 CRM license and is 100% supported by Microsoft.

Incredibly user friendly and easy to use, the Sales Dashboard is the home screen for tablets. The dashboard currently only support Charts with drill through capability and Lists, no Iframes or web resources.  The Dashboard supports six components, just like the web client. With the ability to pin any record to the dashboard, users can easily have the most important information in one easy to access place. For phones, the navigation bar is the home screen with all enabled entities visible.

As sales professionals become more nimble to stay competitive, they are increasingly using tablets as their main device for quick and easy access to information. With a few taps they can view pipelines, important leads, and key opportunities. They can also enter or edit important client information while it is still fresh in their minds. On the Tablet versions, by pinning a contact record to the dashboard, a phone and envelope icon appear, with one touch a call can be made or an email composed. Business processes mirror that of the web client in functionality with support for single and multi-entity processes. Disabled entities will be shown as part of the process but without being able to navigate to the record.

Activities appear with different icons to differentiate activity type. The icon switches to a checkmark when the activity is complete. Activities also display in a darker color if they are due on that day or are past due, all others display in a lighter color. Activities with a due date will display the date and time for when they are due. Other useful features are available such as the ability to sort a column just by touching the header, and the ability to resize columns.

The Client App only supports one CRM user setup at a time. This makes sense since phone and tablet devices typically do not support multi-user logins. Currently on 5 tabs or 75 fields and 10 lists can appear on a form, the form count includes hidden fields. Also currently there is no support for Yammer or Bing Maps.

As more and more businesses adopt the B.Y.O.D. model (bring your own device) and with a 7.6% decline in traditional notebook and PC Sales (Gartner), it is becoming more important for employees to access data on the device of their choice. Right now the number of American adults owning a tablet device has doubled from 18% to 34% in one year and 56% of American adults currently own a smartphone (Pew Internet Research Project’). The trend only seems to be pointing to an increasing number of mobile CRM users. If you are currently running a Dynamics CRM system, either on premise or online and would like to discuss options for deploying a mobile client, please reach out to West Monroe Partners.

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