Pardot Part 2: Automating Qualification of Prospects

It’s Thursday! Let’s kick-off the “second best day of the work week” with Part 2 of our Pardot mini-series.

As discussed last week, we like to break marketing automation into three main buckets: Intelligence (tracking behavior), Automation (identifying and prioritizing) and Advanced Workflow (integrating with business process). Last week we discussed how Pardot can help you identify your visitors. This week we’ll discuss – surprise! – automation, and how Pardot  helps automate how Prospects are prioritized based on their quality and importance to your sales team

Automation – identifying and prioritizing leads

While every marketer enjoys when their mother reads their most recent blog posting, an efficient marketing automation system helps identify the Prospects that are most important to your sales team (sorry mom).  Within Pardot you have the ability to “automatically” assign a score and a grade for each person that visits your site. Their score is increased or decreased by the actions (or lack of) they take on marketing collateral your company is currently tracking through Pardot. Their grade is assigned on the importance of the lead’s attributes to the sales process (their title, company, etc.).

Example: Sticking with Regional Bank ABC, the Mortgage Group sent out an email blast to their preferred builders. They included a link to the free brochure mentioned in the previous post with the suggestion to share the brochure with the builder’s current clients. Each time a builder opens the email they receive a positive score. If they click the link or download the brochure their score increases. If the builder is with a company the sales team is targeting, the builder’s grade in Pardot will change. All of this information helps the Mortgage team decide the optimum time to follow-up  and which clients to focus the most energy on.

Level of Effort: I’m not going to pretend that this isn’t a bit more time consuming. You may have noticed I placed the word automatically in quotes, it’s important to note that this process becomes automatic, after you have set-up scoring and grading in the system. Fortunately Pardot comes with default scoring rules – should you decide to change these based on your business needs, it’s important you have a strong business process supporting why certain actions and client attributes are significant. You will also need to determine how client attributes (company, job title, etc.) should be assigned a grade, to reflect the priorities of your sales team. Sometimes it’s helpful to put a stake in the ground, and then adjust based on the data you receive. Also, keep in mind that the scores and grades will only adjust when Prospects interact with Pardot supported marketing collateral (landing pages, forms, emails, etc.). But, once you’ve completed the set-up, the rules are automatically and continually executed.


Image: Example of Pardot Default Score Rules

Next week tune in for the final part of this series: Advanced Workflow (integrating with business process). We will bring it all together and discuss how to leverage Salesforce and Pardot workflow to notify and stay connected with your Sales team.

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