SharePoint 2013 and Public Web Sites

Last week Microsoft delivered a technical preview of their next version of SharePoint Server – SharePoint Server  2013.  Contrary to rumors that were spreading around, Microsoft has not given up on public websites/Digital Marketing and they have been listening to feedback from the field.  The linked references below are from a Netherlands-based partner that worked very closely with Microsoft to prove just that.

Along with the search capability that is available via the same search engine in Foundation as well as the full server version, Microsoft  is going to really make people think about what they use for public sites if they are a Microsoft shop.  Of course pricing is not out, but it would not be far-fetched to guess at them being relatively competitive with the public site licensing.

Worth mentioning is how Search has undergone a complete redesign from architecture to end user controls, search usage, search effectiveness and last but not least SEO.

Finally,  as you can expect from Microsoft, similar to configuration-based Windows 8 and Metro,  SharePoint developers now have the ability to manage targeted devices and display of content against a specific master page.  While the main use of this will most likely be for mobile and tablet access, there is a capability to define a device based on a number of properties that come from the user’s browser.  Consider an extranet site that would display a different UI depending on specific details about the visitor.  Many organizations currently use their intranet site as their extranet as well.  The complexities in their page and customized security structures would completely go away – not just for the secure display of information, but the entire branding of the site – improving efficiency by managing one set of content.

We are looking forward to discussing more efficiencies and productivity gains that SP2013 has to offer and invite you to check back with us as we dive deeper into the preview release.


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