Technology Trends From Build 2015, Microsoft’s Developer Conference

In early March I attended Microsoft’s Build 2015 conference in San Francisco.  This three day conference is tailored to developers and is full of news, announcements, and sessions covering the new and cool, or not so cool depending on  your perspective, technology across all of Microsoft’s platforms including Windows, Azure, Office 365, and more.    Coming out of the conference I was energized and excited to explore the new tech released and available like Visual Studio 2015 RC, Visual Studio Code, Azure Service Fabric, and ASP.NET vNext.   I also noticed some trends across the conference that I’d like to highlight below:

The monolithic enterprise application code base is dead (or should be dying)

  • The idea that large applications should be built as a smaller decoupled set of services is not a new one, and Microservice is a buzzword at the moment. However, some key technology components announced at Build can help you to better build a highly modular and scalable application.  This starts with the .NET Core, DNX, and ASP.NET vNext, which is the next version of the .NET framework that breaks the .NET into many smaller modules that can be loaded individually into your application.   In addition to that, Microsoft announced Azure Service Fabric which is a platform Microservices that they have been using internally to build their large PaaS offerings such as Azure SQL DB.  Finally, they announced a lot of new items in the DevOps space including Docker Support, and better automation tools for deployment.   All of this combined should allow you to build a service-based applications where all components can be decoupled and deployed separately, allowing you to better manage and scale your application.

Building PaaS capabilities is a focus to differentiate Microsoft in the cloud space

  • In order to remain a leader and to compete with Amazon in the cloud space, Microsoft has to build better, more compelling offerings. Clearly, the direction from Microsoft in this area is to improve and provide new Platform as a Service (PaaS) capabilities.   They announced a many new and improved PaaS technologies at Build including:  Azure Service Fabric,  Resource Manager and Resource Manager templates, Azure Elastic Database s, Azure Data Lake Service, Azure SQL data Warehouse and the Power BI service.

Microsoft continues their trend in embracing open source and other platforms

  • This has been a recent trend for Microsoft, and they continue to improve in this area; they’ve open sourced .NET Core, TypeScript, ASP.NET, and their new Compiler “Roslyn”.  You will soon be able to run .NET apps on Mac and Linux and they’re building better tooling in Visual Studio to work with open-source technologies like Node, NPM, Gulp, and Bower. Overall, this is a positive trend.

So there you have it; I hope this article piques your interest in learning about the new technology, please reach out or comment if you want to talk more.  If  there was just one action item you take away from this article, it is for you to download the Visual Studio 2015 RC preview, register for a free Azure account and start to explore all of this new technology that was released at Build.

To discuss this further, please contact Joe Mongiat at for more info.

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