The Energy Management System

Webster’s dictionary defines a system as; a regularly interacting or interdependent group of items forming a unified whole.  It’s only been in the last 30 years that our day to day vernacular has associated the word system with a computer.  The same can be said for the phrase Energy Management System, just because the word system is embedded, it doesn’t necessarily mean that a computer system is necessarily the whole answer to achieving a return on your investment.

An Energy Management System can be defined as; a system in an organization to achieve energy efficiency through well laid out procedures and methods.   This system should be structured in such a way as to ensure continual improvement, which will spread awareness of energy efficiency throughout the entire organization.  Thus an Energy Management Computer system could be an integral part of the overall solution but without a total view of ROI on people, process, AND technology continual improvements and real bottom line benefits might not be realized.

When defining and implementing an effective energy management strategy we recommend that you take a broader look at energy usage in your business.  Certainly, reduction in the energy usage in a plant, office, or store can be achieved and monitored via an Energy Management Computer system.  But these benefits could be minimal compared to the costs of empty backhauls for your fleet, material waste and scrap in a plant operation, or the labor & material costs associated with processing paper claims manually instead of electronically.  By taking this broader view first, initiatives can be prioritized, implemented, and enhanced in a systematic manner.

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