Translating Tweets: Kanye West on Content Strategy

Translating Tweets: Kanye West on Content Strategy

Kanye’s been in the center of pop media lately; some can’t help but obsess over his every move. I’ve been a fan for a while and I have some pretty strong opinions – I think Kanye West is one of the greatest content strategists of all time. There’s no need to look further than Yeezy’s social media to find evidence of his marketing genius. Let’s dissect some of Yeezus’ teachings on core content authoring and creation fundamentals in its most intimate form: his tweets. For those who don’t speak fluent Kanye, my interpretations are provided for your convenience.

Tweet #1

Interpretation: Know your brand in order to promote a consistent voice

It is critical to have a consistent brand voice and the best brand voices start from within. Does your content reflect your organization’s culture? Does the brand replicate what the employees say about the company externally? While customer perceptions are crucial, it is also equally important to validate internally to ensure that you are relaying your company’s values across to your audiences. Once your brand identity is established, it is imperative to create brand, voice, and style guides for reference and consistency.

Tweet #2

Interpretation: Leverage strengths, collaborate, and share

Everyone responsible for your content strategy and execution brings different strengths to the table. One person might be a technical subject matter expert while another is great at distilling complex ideas into concise language. Make sure your team is communicating effectively and collaborating to leverage their unique skills. The result will be more a more efficient process and sustained success.

Tweet #3

Interpretation: Establish ownership

Defined ownership and accountability at each part of the process is an essential component of any strategic plan – just like Kanye authorizes his wife, Kim Kardashian, to call the shots. Just picture if you or your team had no one to report to, how efficiently will you spend your time? An easy way to ensure accountability is the creation of a content ownership matrix that defines the individuals who approve and own content once it’s released, their business unit, and the head of that department. The matrix doesn’t have to be complicated; just something that everyone can comprehend and maintain.

Tweet #4

Interpretation: Make sure content is fresh and accurate

Continual review of content freshness is an aspect that should never be deprioritized and left out of the process. In fact, the cadence in which content is examined and archived should be accounted for before authoring. Cycling through published content on a consistent basis allows for the identification of stale and inaccurate material, which prevents misinformed audiences and maintains industry authority.

Tweet #5

Interpretation: Actively iterate using analytics

Analytics and reporting should directly inform content expiry and prioritization. An important measurement to consider is content metadata, which enables more rapid and insightful analysis of content usage. Search also benefits from analytics as it can lead to improved search results and thus more efficient content retrieval. We saw this in a previous project: we checked the most-frequently accessed pages and performed what I call a “gut-check” test – we checked the web site’s internal search function to see if those pages came up first in the rankings. We found that it didn’t match up and recommended that the organization fix the issue to improve site navigability.

So, what do you think? If it were up to me, West Monroe would keep Kanye on retainer, but ultimately I don’t think Kanye’s expertise should be limited for my own selfish needs; it is for the collective good that his ideas be shared with the public. To those who still doubt his strategic greatness, here’s a quote from one of my favorite ‘Ye songs: “Screams from the haters got a nice ring to it. I guess every superhero need his theme music.”

Image via rodrigoferrari on Flickr. 

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