West Monroe Partners Completes Work on Comprehensive Sustainability Energy Roadmap for Shedd Aquarium

On January 26, 2013, the Chicago Tribune’s front-page featured an articleabout Shedd Aquarium’s plan to cut their energy consumption in half by 2020. An ambitious and impressive goal! West Monroe Partners worked with Shedd to develop a sustainable energy roadmap to help them meet this target.

Museums and other large institutions such as Shedd use a great deal of energy and face unique energy situations. These can include how to integrate with the electric grid and determine energy usage patterns, and determine power reliability and quality requirements. In addition, large energy users are aware of the need to manage operating costs and their environmental impact. Institutions may seek to improve their situation as a means to innovate (lead), replicate (compete), or comply (by mandate).

With the Shedd project, the West Monroe team coordinated important stakeholder input, budget, and mission objectives to holistically recommend a multi-year roadmap that would cost effectively reduce energy consumption and facilitate a more sustainable energy profile.

Energy improvement is a broad concept that should be approached in a comprehensive and thoughtful manner. Energy improvement comes in many forms:

  1.  Energy Efficiency by design/upgrades
  2.  Energy Conservation through induced behavior change
  3.  Energy Control through demand management
  4.  Energy Support through distributed generation alternatives
What is the right solution? A broad-based analysis identifies energy improvements that fit both the site conditions and an organization’s aspirations. ‘Smart’ energy users benefit from an “all-of-the-above” approach. (read: White House’s Energy Policy). This method involves an understanding of how wide-ranging energy initiatives can assist or hinder technical and financial performance and strategic goals.
Where to start? An energy roadmap provides an implementation path that suits each unique budget, an organization’s goals, and their strategic mission. ‘Sustainable’ energy roadmaps emphasize the link between energy initiatives and key performance metrics. This allows an organization to establish incremental milestones to achieve a complete energy vision.
Just like Shedd Aquarium, many organizations are beginning to look at energy consumption and the impact it has on their ability to perform optimally and for the long-term. You can learn more on this project and read about this uniquely comprehensive program here:
Jeff Smith is a Principal in West Monroe’s Energy & Utilities practice. Jeff is a Certified Energy Manager, and supervised the multi-disciplinary team who created the Shedd Aquariums Master Energy Roadmap. For more information, please contact Jeff Smith at JSmith@westmonroepartners.com or 312-846-9949. You can also view our Energy and Utilities website.


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