West Monroe’s National Day of Change: Making an Impact, Together

West Monroe’s National Day of Change: Making an Impact, Together

For the third consecutive year, West Monroe united across the firm to give back to the people and organizations in our communities. On June 1, we set aside consulting for a day to allow all our employees to participate in a “National Day of Change.” The National Day of Change is our commitment to giving back to the communities where our people live and work. This year was bigger and better than ever as it is the first year we dedicated a workday to include all employees in the effort!

Overall, 737 West Monroe employees volunteered across 11 cities and 42 charity sites. We deployed a total of 4,422 volunteer hours and $12,850 worth of supplies and donations. Check out the information below to see the impact we made in our communities from each site.


  • Charity Organization: American Cancer Society
  • Number of Employee Volunteers: 11
  • Impact: Helped with the setup for the American Cancer Society’s 25th anniversary Relay for Life event in Elmhurst, IL. The team inflated hundreds of balloons and placed thousands of lanterns around the track!


  • Charity Organization: America SCORES
  • Number of Employee Volunteers: 10
  • Impact: Organized and loaded vans and trucks with equipment for an upcoming Jamboree event, the yearly soccer tournament for students. The team also cleared out supply rooms at Pilsen Academy and helped with playground duty! Read more about the day here.


  • Charity Organization: Anixter Center
  • Number of Employee Volunteers: 35
  • Impact: Donated $2,000 worth of materials, planted flowers, and painted pots. The team also made salsa at Ferst School, a therapeutic day school that provides educational and social-emotional support to students with diagnoses ranging from autism and intellectual disabilities to physical challenges and emotional disorders.


  • Charity Organization: Audobon Great Lakes
  • Number of Employee Volunteers: 35
  • Impact: Planted 8,500 marsh plants to prevent erosion and encourage natural bird and wildlife population at Indian Ridge Marsh. The team also donated $,1000 worth of supplies.


  • Charity Organization: Big Shoulders Fund
  • Number of Employee Volunteers: 14
  • Impact: Completed outdoor work, including mulching and planting of plants and flowers, and playground prep at a local school. The team also donated $2,500 worth of supplies.


  • Charity Organization: Blechman Foundation
  • Number of Employee Volunteers: 5
  • Impact: Conducted a strategic planning exercise identifying key next steps that will allow the foundation to grow its footprint and expand its fundraising abilities.


  • Charity Organization: Chicago Scholars
  • Number of Employee Volunteers: 10
  • Impact: Helped 31 Chicago Scholars prepare for successful summer internships by teaching them how to “Intern Like a Pro.”


  • Charity Organization: CommunityHealth
  • Number of Employee Volunteers: 27
  • Impact: Purged over 1,000 patient charts, and cleaned up and organized a garage of medical supplies.


  • Charity Organization: Cradles to Crayons
  • Number of Employee Volunteers: 24
  • Impact: Sorted and inspected donated items and packaged them for delivery to local children who need them. Over 1,200 book packs and 368 clothing packs were completed!


  • Charity Organization: Feed My Starving Children
  • Number of Employee Volunteers: 37
  • Impact: Hand-packed rice, soy, dried vegetables and a nutritionally complete blend of vitamins and minerals into bags which are then sealed, boxed, placed on pallets and shipped to the neediest children around the world. A total of 332 boxes and 71,712 meals were created to help feed 196 kids for an entire year!


  • Charity Organization: Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana
  • Number of Employee Volunteers: 15
  • Impact: Prepared Camp Palos for the summer camping season by clearing eight hiking trails, power washing two picnic pavilions, chopping wood that was disbursed to bonfire pits, and laying fresh gravel onto several footpaths.


  • Charity Organization: Girls on the Run Chicago
  • Number of Employee Volunteers: 5
  • Impact: Prepared finisher medals for 4,000 participants in the annual North 5K Run and assisted with setup of the merchandise and volunteer tents, which allowed the staff to sleep in an extra 30 minutes on the day of the race!


  • Charity Organization: Greater Chicago Food Depository
  • Number of Employee Volunteers: 20
  • Impact: Helped distribute food to hungry people by repacking bulk products into individual and family-sized portions, and sorting and categorizing donated food items. A total of 196 cases of sweet potatoes werer packaged (7,756 lbs) which helped with 6,464 meals for people around Chicago.


  • Charity Organization: Habitat for Humanity Chicago
  • Number of Employee Volunteers: 13
  • Impact: Helped by unloading donation trucks, moving and assembling furniture, and unpackaging and assembling three pallets of donated light fixtures (100 to 200 fixtures total)!


  • Charity Organization: Housing Forward
  • Number of Employee Volunteers: 10
  • Impact: Conducted a Data Governance Workshop for executive and leadership teams, and packed 200 boxes to help them move to a new building.


  • Charity Organizations: iMentor
  • Impact: Prepared 200 goody bags for iMentor’s next fundraiser, compiled 200 folder packets for orientation, and alphabetized and validated over 600 student consent forms to be sent for digitization.



  • Charity Organization: Lakeview Pantry
  • Number of Employee Volunteers: 15
  • Impact: A team of seven at Oakdale Pantry took stock of produce, purged old items, organized clothes for distribution, and extensively cleaned the store. More than 120 eggs and tons of milk gallons were reviewed for expiration, labeled, and organized in the pantry’s fridge for easy access and distribution to the pantry’s clients. At the Sheridan Avenue location, a team of eight employees unloaded two large food trucks containing over 40 boxes of donated food, sorted and stocked 4,000 pounds of food and prepackaged meals, and assisted 175 Lakeview Pantry clients with picking out food for the week.



  • Charity Organization: Metropolitan Family Services
  • Number of Employee Volunteers: 14
  • Impact: Cleaned a playground set and painted a fence around it, painted four flower beds with shrubs and flowers, sanded and painted a picnic table, flower bed, and bench. The team also cleared out a community computer lab and donated $900 worth of material.



  • Charity Organization: Misericordia
  • Number of Employee Volunteers: 10
  • Impact: Baked hundreds of brownies to serve and sell at the restaurant in Misericordia to help support children and adults with developmental and physical disabilities.


  • Charity Organization: Onward Neighborhood House,
  • Number of Employee Volunteers: 17
  • Impact: Lifted, dusted, and organized to help transform a storage area into a place where Onward Housing can offer more services in the future. Dumpsters were filled, remaining furniture picked up, electronics recycled, and books were donated. The team also helped prep school classrooms for the summer program and put together packets and reorganize The Lab for the first business incubator cohort on June 5. Check out this blog post to learn more.


  • Charity Organization: Openlands
  • Number of Employee Volunteers: 14
  • Impact: Donated $300 worth of supplies to a local public high school, planted 15 trees, and spread 200 yards of mulch around school garden area. The team also inventoried and assessed 250 trees in a neighboring park with Openlands arborists, and worked with science students and teacher on a nature area.


  • Charity Organization: Playworks
  • Number of Employee Volunteers: 13
  • Impact: Donated $1,000 worth of supplies and jumped in as playground coaches to help kids stay active and build valuable social and emotional skills through play. The team also helped to beautify the playground.


  • Charity Organization: Ray Graham Association
  • Number of Employee Volunteers: 20
  • Impact: Donated $1,000 worth of supplies and landscaped to beautify the Specialized Living Center at Ray Graham Association whose mission is to create opportunities for people with disabilities to reach, grow, and achieve.


  • Charity Organization: SPARK
  • Number of Employee Volunteers: 18
  • Impact: Helped 15 students set up and present their final Share Your Spark project presentations.  The team also helped to raise over $4,200 in donations.


  • Charity Organization: Special Olympics
  • Number of Employee Volunteers: 65
  • Impact: As one of our largest volunteer events for our National Day of Change, the team served as volunteer leaders for over 20 gross motor skill stations that included dancing, obstacle courses, striking, running, and jumping for over 650 local Special Olympic young athletes. In addition, they made 300 dignity bags that will be distributed to homeless shelters in the Greater Chicago Area.


  • Charity Organization: The Salvation Army
  • Number of Employee Volunteers: 21
  • Impact: Painted two floors of senior residences, three school hallways, and part of a school gymnasium. Learn more about the day in this blog post by one of the volunteers.


  • Charity Organization: USO of Illinois
  • Number of Employee Volunteers: 11
  • Impact: Organized and cleaned eight rooms in a large basement at the USO Center at Naval Station Great Lakes, prepped and organized care packages for kids, families, and deployed service members, and organized toys, games, books, and movies for families and service members visiting the facility.



  • Charity Organization: Habitat MidOhio
  • Number of Employee Volunteers: 8
  • Impact: Dedicated a total of 56 sweat equity hours for a Habitat house build! Cleaned and prepped 10 rooms of drywall, staircases, and hallways. Two rooms fully insulated, 7 floors sanded.



  • Charity Organization: Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center
  • Number of Employee Volunteers: 29
  • Impact: Total of $1,772 fund raised from Dallas office together with the same amount matched from West Monroe Partners. Three room makeovers including living rooms and bedrooms for abused victims. Education Info session provided by Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center on preventing child abuse.



  • Charity Organization: Boys Hope Girls Hope of Colorado
  • Number of Employee Volunteers: 6
  • Impact: Mowed and trimmed four acres of land at the two residential program homes, cut down two big dead trees by chain saw, repaired a broken perimeter fence, collected and bagged 5 million leaves, removed 100,000 weeds, hand sanded and stained teak wood furniture (two tables, 22 chairs, and two footstools), removed dirt from 20 plastic chairs, and inventoried books.


Los Angeles

  • Charity Organization: St. Vincent De Paul
  • Number of Employee Volunteers: 23
  • Impact: Sorted, organized, and racked hundreds of articles of clothing at the St. Vincent de Paul thrift store where clothing purchases go to support additional social services in the community



  • Charity Organization: The Link
  • Number of Employee Volunteers: 23
  • Impact: Painted 14 walls and hallways of The Link’s main office space. The team also built a dresser and highchair for youth in their programs and organized more than 80 donated blankets and 100 articles of donated clothing.


New York City

  • Charity Organization: ExpandED Schools
  • Number of Employee Volunteers: 35
  • Impact: Conducted career panels and mock interviews to help develop the professional growth of 17 middle-school students from low-income communities while engaging in conversations around career aspirations and talking through business models for products the students had interest in bringing to market


  • Charity Organization: Girls on The Run NYC
  • Number of Employee Volunteers: 8
  • Impact: Prepared materials and handwritten thank-you cards for 160 young girls participating in the annual Girls on the Run 5K, which celebrates girls in their 10-week season of learning about the importance of taking care of their emotional and physical health. The team also assisted and facilitated a bib pick-up booth for 5K participants the day prior to the race.



  • Charity Organization: Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy
  • Number of Employee Volunteers: 10
  • Impact: Cleaned a rain garden by removing invasive weeds. In total, 10 bags of invasive weeds pulled, eight buckets of glass and recyclables collected, seven bags of garbage collected, six acres of city park land maintained, five large pizzas finished at lunch, and 0 volunteers who have poison ivy.



  • Charity Organization: Urban Ministries of Wake County
  • Number of Employee Volunteers: 4
  • Impact: Supported a food bank where eligible clients can receive one week’s worth of healthy groceries once every three months and senior citizens are eligible for food assistance every 30 days. The team helped with donation intake, stocking shelves, and bagging groceries for more than 15 clients.


San Francisco

  • Charity Organization: Project Open Hand
  • Number of Employee Volunteers: 17
  • Impact: 4,000 meals were prepared for seniors and people with disabilities after chopping and packaging 700 pounds of carrots, onions, chicken, and granola.



  • Charity Organization: Student Conservation Association
  • Number of Employee Volunteers: 35
  • Impact: Cleared pathways and garden beds and restored the garden’s composting structure. In total, West Monroe volunteers cleared 2,740 lbs. of dense invasives and natural debris from just under 5,000 square feet of garden beds and pathways and revitalized a decaying composting structure for the season. The teams also created 36 seed balls that help to increase pollinator habitat. Be sure to check out the full project recap for more.


  • Charity Organization: EarthCorps
  • Number of Employee Volunteers: 45
  • Impact: Cleared 6,085 square feet of blackberry bushes and spread 5,000 square feet of mulch in preparation for tress to be planted in the fall.


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