Where is my delivery?

Where is my delivery? How many times is that question asked of your dispatch operation? Once a day? Ten times a day? If you find yourself hearing this question often, you may know that an answer of your truck is two stops away doesn’t do much to satisfy your customer. The true question the customer is asking is not where the delivery currently is, but when will it be delivered to them. A good transportation management system (TMS) can pinpoint to the nearest GPS coordinate where the delivery truck currently is located. But, where they begin to fall short is predicting the time that the truck will arrive at a certain stop. This is especially true when there are multiple stops preceding the stop in question, all with varying volumes and delivery types. Traditionally, a TMS uses historical data to predict stop time and delivery rates, but there is a tool that can be utilized to predict delivery times and planned days with better accuracy and flexibility. This tool is better known as engineered delivery standards.

Engineered standards have been used in the manufacturing industry for decades but they are gaining momentum in other industries too, particularly retail and distribution. They can be the ideal solution for anyone looking to achieve sustainable improvements in productivity.  Engineered standards are part of an overall workforce optimization methodology we have developed called FUSION. FUSION leverages sound engineering techniques to deliver sustainable improvements in processes and can be successfully applied to everything from delivery standards to retail stores to manufacturing facilities.

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